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segue from Not A Day Goes By
From Theater Rhinoceros
Unfinished Business: The New AIDS Show

Words and music by Stephen Sondheim

Note: Stephen Sondheim generously donated the use of his song to The AIDS Show at the request of his late friend and colleague, AIDS Show co-director Leland Moss. However, due to concerns over Internet piracy, Mr. Sondheim's publisher has withheld permission to post the the recording on this website.

What you hear is the ending of the song, as it appeared for the first time near the beginning of the show, where it suddenly breaks away from Not A Day Goes By into a bridge where and the cast counts down to Happy 1981, then into Auld Lang Syne which fades into a party scene.

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Date:August 1985
Facility:Bear West Studios
Engineer:Ray Pyle
Format:24 tracks mixed to 2 track analog


To hear a complete recording of the AIDS Show cast singing the repreise of Not A Day Goes By in the show's finale, you may order a videocassette of the AIDS Show documentary from the website of director Rob Epstein's Telling Piotures

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A solo piano recording of Vaccine Day, played by James Followell

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This pefrormance 1985 by James Followell, of material in public domain (Auld Lang Syne).
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