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Cross the River
Bonus song originally written for Theater Rhinoceros
Unfinished Business: The New AIDS Show

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This song was written for, then cut from, Unfinished Business: The New AIDS Show. It was first performed publicly in 1987, at a benefit concert for Artists AIDS Alliance by the Society of Gay and Lesbian Composers. The MIDI sequence heard in this recording was programmed in 1991 by Matthew McQueen.

Date:October - December 2002
Facility:Home studio recording
Engineer:Matthew McQueen
Format:Digital recording of
MIDI sequence, guitar & voices


  • Matthew McQueen, lead vocal, MIDI programming
  • Karl Brown, vocal
  • Paul Taylor, electric guitar

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Copyright 1982, 2002 Karl Brown and Matthew McQueen. You may download this file for your personal use. If you would like to use any of this music for a different purpose, please email Karl Brown at karlap@automaticpilot.org

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