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Kalisa record  - click for larger image Kalisa

Special featured mp3 recording
by Axis
from the 1974 self-released record

Words and music by Chris Domino and Axis

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Facility:Meagher Electronics, Monterey CA
Engineer:Jim Meagher.
Format:45 rpm 7" acetate record from four-track analog

Produced by Tom Sekreta and Axis.


  • Chris Domino, vocal, rhythm guitar
  • Steve Burke, vocal, lead guitar, bass
  • Karl Brown, piano, mini-moog
  • Greg Janis, drums
The song was named after Kalisa Moore, Queen of Cannery Row and proprietor of Kalisa's La Ida Cafe. (The lyrics are not about her; the song was written first and the title came afterward.) Here's a photo from The History Company which is documenting her life and times, Her story is summarized in another song, Cannery Row by Larry Hosford.

Another Kalisa recently found this song, and links to it from her website,

More about this Axis recording

This Axis recording is on the Automatic Pilot website because Automatic Pilot pianist Karl Brown played on it.

This recording copyright 1974, Axis. You may download this file for your personal use. If you would like to use any of this music for a different purpose, please email Karl Brown at karlap@automaticpilot.org This website copyright 2004 Karl Brown and Matthew McQueen

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