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Stronger and Stronger
Incidental music to the piece by Philip Real
From Theater Rhinoceros The AIDS Show

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next song: Hospital, words by Paul Attinello (live)

Copyright 1984, 2002 Karl Brown and Matthew McQueen
You may download this file for your personal use only.
Facility:Studio at Theater Rhinoceros
Engineer:Karl Brown
Format:Recorded live to mono audio cassette

These series of hospital bells (played live on a Casio) framed segments of the dramatic piece Stronger and Stronger by Philip Real, which are not heard here but were published with the rest of the script in West Coast Plays #17/18. The actors walked to their positions for the next dramatic segment during each series of bells. This portion of Stronger and Stronger was was followed by (and these bell sounds set up) Hospital the next piece.

Recorded live at the original run of Theater Rhinoceros The AIDS Show: Artists Involved with Death and Survival Sep 6 -16, 1984


Hospital (next piece)

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